[SHOT 2016] Kalashnikov USA’s KS-12 Semi-Auto Shotguns

    We all know that when the importation of Saiga rifles and shotguns was halted as a result of some political nonsense that we aren’t going to dive into several companies made a go at filling that void. Sadly nothing was quite what the market wanted as a replacement for the Saiga. Kalashnikov USA has come up with a shotgun that they feel will fill that void. After looking the shotgun over I happen to agree with them. The build quality of the KS-12 that I was able to inspect is about what one would expect from a Izhmash produced gun and they made sure that it accepted the Saiga 12 magazines. Thankfully that allows shooters use any of the metric ton of magazines that are currently on the market.

    I know that the Kalashnikov USA products have been viewed as a vapor wear but I was assured by the rep that they will be available sometime spring of 2016, no word on a more exact date. I was told that the KS-12 shotgun will carry a MSRP in the range of $900 to $1200 depending on what model is chosen and options. That puts the KS-12 in the same ballpark as a used Saiga 12, but the KS-12 will come without the need for converting them from sporting configuration. The shotgun is also US made, something that will push some buyers to a weapons platform that they normally would have avoided. I think it will be interesting to see how the KS-12 stacks up to its predecessor.


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