As Deadly as it is Beautiful: Brass Based Expanding and Fragmenting Shotgun Slugs

    Oleg Volk writes about the new OATH Ammunition 12 gauge slugs at All Outdoor

    12ga slugs have been rightly known as good stoppers on dangerous game, but tend to over-penetrate in hominids. OATH Ammunition has two new designs that solve over-penetration along with greatly improving reliability in box-fed shotguns.

    Above is their 1.25oz 1600fps all-copper slug designed to expand to an incredible 2.5″ and penetrate just enough to punch through a hostile human with little energy left to harm anyone downrange. If you’ve ever heard the expression: “a hole big enough to toss a cat through,” consider that cats can fit any opening larger than their heads, and smaller breeds have heads under 2.5″ in circumference. The copper or aluminum expander die visible in the middle ensures reliable opening even through heavy clothing. The die itself penetrates deeper than the expanded slug.

    Loaded in machined brass cases, these cartridges won’t deform out of round under spring pressure even in 10 or 12 shot box magazines of shotguns like MKA1919 or Saiga. These photos show display samples. The actual production slugs have sharp leading edges. These will be available in 2.75″ length and also in 2″ for tube shotguns that can feed shorter ammunition and would benefit from additional capacity.


    Read more here.

    These are definitely not going to be cheap!


    Steve Johnson

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