Shot Show Optics: Hi-Lux CMR8 1-8x26mm Tactical Scope

    During Shot Show 2016, there were three optic companies introducing their new 1-8x scope. The second of those is Hi-Lux Optics with their new CMR8 1-8x26mm model. I did a preview of the Hi-Lux CMR8 that was shown at the Fall 2015 Big 3 Media Event. The samples that I found at the Hi-Lux booth seem to be farther along in development with functional illumination and reticle.



    I was told by Hi-Lux that the release MSRP of the Hi-Lux CMR8 1-8x26mm will be just under $900. Also, the reticle illumination will be daylight visible and it will run about 100 hours on a single CR2032 lithum battery. The turrets offer 12 Mils of elevation and windage adjustment in 0.1 Mil per click. The turrets are shown without the included caps.



    At 1x, the reticle shows a thick horseshoe with a small ring in the middle.



    At the middle magnification, the small ring at the center opens up to a horseshoe-dot. The stadiametric range-finder marks on the right also become usable. Because the CMR8 is a first focal design, the ranging feature would work in any zoom range.



    At the max 8x magnification, the outer horseshoe disappeared from view. Since, the hash-marks on the vertical sub-tension are not labeled, the scope could be used with any ammo caliber.  The reticle is designed to provide enough ballistic holdover for 1000 yards from most common calibers.



    Also shown at the Hi-Lux Optic booth is their new first focal plane PentaLux TAC-V 4-20x50mm model with locking turrets and reticle illumination. This long-range model will be retail for $850. The production for both the CMR8 1-8x26mm and the PentaLux 4-20x50mm are schedule to be around May 2016.

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