Rogers New Mini-Red Dot Sight Mount

    Holsterops is selling a new mount that fits any mini red dot sight that will attach to a picatinny rail. I spotted this new product while talking to them about a new Safariland holster(more on this later). The mount looked very familiar then it hit me. This mount is based on the top of the Grip Pod. Yep they took the top part of a grip pod and modified it to hold a short rail section and mount your sight. Talk about a multi purpose design!

    The folks at the booth had samples and sent one home with me. I mounted my Trijicon MRO on it in under a couple of minutes. Once the mounts throw lever is adjusted it fits very snug.


    We had a rare break in the weather today which gave me the chance to go to the range for the first time in awhile. I tested the mount on one of my ARs. I found my groups were the same as those with the Trijicon aluminum mount so there really is no movement of the mount on the rail. I also removed the mount a few times and reinstalled it. There was no shift in zero. I thought there might be with the mount being polymer but nope not a bit.


    The price is certainly good compared to some mounts that run over twice the price. The MSRP is $49.95. Street price will be lower of course. I like the mount and plan on leaving it on my AR.

    From Holsterops:

    The Rogers Sight Mount (RSM) is a versatile, quick-detach mount for any Red-Dot optics with a picatinny rail attachment. The RSM allows the user to quickly detach and reattach their optic without the need for cumbersome fasteners or tools. The RSM is a rock-solid and precision mount. A user can remove their RSM mounted optic, reinstall it, and expect their Red-Dot to be in the same position. The RSM also allows the user to co-witness to their iron sights. Included are 2 shims to allow the user to easily adjust the height of their optic in relation to their iron sights.

    The Rogers Sight Mount boasts the following features:

    The parallel clamping members of the Rogers Sight Mount (RSM) are molded with a slight bias in the shape of a bow. This allows the force of the single cross bolt to be distributed evenly over the entire engagement of the weapon’s rail. This design provides a much better clamp using less force.
    The lever operated locking cam of the RSM, unlike the competitor’s products, locks on top dead center of the cam. Most designs require the throw lever to go over center in order to lock. Locking force is lost by going over center so conventional mounts must be adjusted over tight in order to not shoot loose when the lever goes over center. The RSM uses an alternative lock system that allows the lever to lock at the highest point on the cam. The result is a better lock up with less force which reduces wear and tear of the part and is easier to operate.
    The RSM uses a glass filled polymer similar to modern pistol frames. The glass filled material has a much greater coefficient of friction while locking to a metal rail. It also has the ability to custom form to any slight imperfections in the metal rail of the weapon. The end result is a mount that does not shoot loose and will repeat zero when removed and reinstalled as long as it is returned to the same position on the weapon rail.

    Rogers Website

    Phil White

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