Strike Industries Ultra-Short AR Stock, Latchless Charging Handle and 45 Degree Folding BUIS

    The rate at which Strike Industries produces genuinely new products is the envy of many of firearm accessory manufacturers. Each year they have many prototype products on display at their SHOT Show booth and this year was no exception. These prototypes are all slated for production this year. In this post I am going to show you their new AR-15 products and I will follow up with a post on their Glock products.

    The first prototype we have is an ultra-compact two position spring-loaded stock and buffer tube. The stock can be collapsed for transport or for use with a ballistic vest. To extend it to its full length all that is required is pressing a button and the dual springs (located inside each of the stock rods) take care of the rest.

    strike industries-2-1

    strike industries-2-2

    strike industries-2-3

    The butt plate has aggressive 3D contouring to ensure it does not move around on the user’s shoulder regardless of how it is positioned.

    The next product I took a look at was a nifty latch-less charging handle. It is ambidextrous by virtue of the fact that there is no latch on either side. To use it, simply pull back. A spring inside locks it into the AR-15 receiver.

    strike industries-2-6

    strike industries-2-5

    strike industries-2-4

    Last, but not least, we have a ultra low profile 45 degree folding Backup Iron Sights. Not only can these sights be used in the 45 degree position for use alongside a scope, but can also be rotated 90 degrees so you can use them inline with the receiver. As you can see they are very low profile and sit below the top of the picatinny rail.

    strike industries-2-8

    strike industries-2-7

    strike industries-2-9

    Look out for my follow up Strike Industries Glock post next week.

    Steve Johnson

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