[SHOT 2016] Trijicon’s MRO

    Sure, the MRO isn’t breaking news or anything but I got a chance to play with one a bit for the first time. Trijicon had the MRO out in force at SHOT 2016 giving me a great opportunity to play with one a bit so I can share my first impression with you guys. Trijicon describes the MRO as their mid-sized optic somewhere between the SRS and the RMR. Trijicon made sure to make all MROs night vision compatible unlike some companies that charge extra for that feature. They also designed the tube to flare towards the front in order to remove the tube effect that you get on other mid-sized optics. With the brief time I had to play with the optic I found that the view was much closer to my beloved but returned EoTech than the Aimpoint T1 red dots I have tried.

    The MRO has 6 daytime brightness settings and 2 night vision settings, on setting 4 the optic will run for thirty thousand hours. The 2 MOA dot seemed easy to acquire when shouldering the rifle, but again I only had a few minutes to play with it. The Trijicon rep seemed to be most proud of the cap-less adjustment knobs that you can use a brass case or a coin to dial the red dot in, I do have to say it looks very convenient.

    The MRO carries a MSRP of $ 579 without a mount and $639 with a mount, pretty reasonably priced for a optic from one of the big manufactures.

    IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0663