[SHOT 2016] Schmeisser SLP-9

    I stopped by Schmeisser while walking around the German section at SHOT to see what they were showcasing and saw a weird Glock like thing. Melanie with Schmeisser was able to fill me in on some of the details of their new pistol. The SLP-9 features replaceable back straps to allow the user to fit the pistol to their hand. Unlike the Gen 4 Glock back straps these use a pin and fit inside the frame instead of clipping onto the frame. I was unable make out what the magazines were based on but they were a 17 round capacity and constructed of metal, please let me know in the comments if you can figure out what they are. When the gun is released it will ship with 2 mags, a European style cleaning kit, three back straps, and a very nice lockable travel case. The MSRP I am told will be around $499 to $550, no word on what would bump the price up.

    Schmeisser was not willing to divulge any information past what I was given, they stated they were working with a company that “has lots of experience” with barrels and recoil springs. I am not quite sure what to take away from that. From what I could see the action is very similar to currently available striker fired guns as was the barrel and recoil spring assembly. The take down lever was very reminiscent of a Sig pistol. No indication as to when the pistol will be available on the US market.

    EDIT: it has been brought to my attention that is not a prototype, but a re-branding of an existing pistol that Steve covered a couple years ago. Click here to read about the Montenegro TARA TM 9 Pistol.

    Thank you Matthias for bringing this to my attention.

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