[SHOT 2016] American Tactical Glock 43 Threaded Match Barrel

    The Glock 43 single stack pistol is becoming a very popular option for conceal carry use so it’s no surprise that the aftermarket is releasing new parts for it every year. While browsing the American Tactical booth at the SHOT Show I noticed they had a threaded match grade barrel for the 9mm Glock 43 on display. There are a few other threaded barrels on the market for the Glock 43 out there, like the XCaliber Firearms threaded barrel, but American Tactical claims theirs is the only “match grade” threaded Glock 43 barrel out there.

    Their barrel is made out of CNC cut 416R stainless steel, it’s broach cut and finish honed. It’s 3.9 inches in length and has a 1/2×28 thread that includes a billet thread protector. It has a 1:10 right hand twist and it’s compatible with lead bullets unlike factory Glock barrels. They’re made right here in the USA and American Tactical says it’s a drop in fit with no gunsmithing required at all. They’re actually available now and go for around $150 at various retailers and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty from American Tactical. Check out americantactical.us for more info.

    I’ve never actually had a chance to shoot the Glock 43 so I’m not sure how accurate they are out of the box and if a match grade barrel will even help much, thoughts?


    Ray I.

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