[SHOT 2016] Knight’s Armament SR-25 E2 ACC M-Lok

    I had to visit the KAC booth while I was at shot to see if I saw anything cool enough to share with you guys. Turns out they are now supporting M-Lok on the SR-25, thankfully they let us take some photos. The Knight’s SR-25 E2 ACC M-Lok features high end components like a hammer forged barrel with 5r cut chrome lined rifling and their own proprietary no bend gas tube that is not roll pinned into place. Knight’s uses a flared end similar to a brake line on a car to prevent gas leakage and ensure a connection that will not weaken over time. The MSRP is a bit steep at $4861 but for that price you get the same quality rifle that is issued to the military. Same build quality, same testing, same craftsmen, same everything.

    The Knight’s SR-25 E2 ACC M-Lok on display had a Knights QDC Coupling flash hider mounted to it so that you can mount their incredibly tough 7.62-QDC-CQB can to the rifle. The rep I spoke with told me it was the lightest and smallest combat rated can currently available. Sure, it might not be the quietest can on the market, but to reduce the sound signature just enough to make a marksman hard to locate it is perfect. I know that the few bits of KAC gear I own are all overbuilt, the rifle and can that I had the pleasure to handle are no different.

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