[SHOT 2016] MIT USA Mag Pump AR Mag Loader

    There are a couple rifle mag loaders out on the market such as the Three Point Innovation’s Box-to-Mag AR-15 Speed Loader and the Caldwell’s Mag Charger, I stumbled upon this interesting new speed mag loader for the AR-15 from the folks at MIT USA called the Mag Pump. They were demonstrating it at the SHOT Show and it looked really easy to use. It’s hopper fed, just dump .223, 5.56 NATO or .300 Blackout rounds into the top, load in any Mil Spec AR-15 mag and work the lever. They demonstrated it with both Magpul PMAGs and standard metal USGI mags. There’s no need to put the ammo in a certain direction, the Mag Pump automatically sorts it and loads it in the correct direction. It features a mechanical interlock that prevents damage to the ammo by pausing actuation until the ammo is in place and aligned to the mag. Once the mag is fully loaded it will stop loading anymore rounds.

    The Mag Pump can be attached to a a table or right onto a Picatinny rail. It has quick release pins so you can remove the hopper and break down the loader, it also fits right into a .50 cal ammo can. It’s made in the USA and retails for $389, check out mitusaman.com for more info. Check it out in action in the video below.

    EDIT: My mistake, the alloy model retails for $389, the plastic model is $189.


    magpump4 magpump3


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