[SHOT 2016] EAA Update

    EAA (European American Army) Corp. has some new items and some updated items at SHOT Show 2016.

    EAA has a polymer 1911 in 45 and soon in 9mm. The .45acp version retails for $580.



    Last June I posted about the ABDO conceal carry box. It is a large box disguised as a large cellphone in a otterbox style casing that stores your pocket pistol. Well now they have a smart version coming out soon. They showed me its functionality and it seem very interesting despite it’s aesthetics.

    The smart ABDO uses a sim card or wifi to connect to your phone. No bluetooth capability. It has sensors so if it is picked up and moved, it will lock itself out and text you that the box has been moved as well as a link to its location. There is a rechargeable battery and it only lasts for 1 day. However they are still refining it and are looking to release it middle of the year.

    There is an app that allows you to control the functions of the smart ABDO.  The smart ABDO comes with 2 months free service with the provider they are paired up with. However you don’t have to use the cellular SGM option. You can change the settings so if you don’t buy more service, you can still use its functions in a wifi environment. So you can log online or thru the app, control the Abdo box as long as it is connected via wifi. They are working on a RFID keyfob. And the best part is they are shooting for a MSRP of $150.


    Below you can see the options via their application.



    The MKA 1919 has gone through some severe upgrades and they receive the 2015 NRA Bullseye Award for their MKA1919. One of their test unites has over 1300 rds shot through it. The factory in Turkey added a second gas ring. They changed the locking block and the bolt to make it more reliable. They claim it can now take the 2 3/4 light load shells. The controls are ambidextrous.


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