[SHOT 2016] American Built Arms Mod*X Generation 3

    Last year we reviewed the Mod*X chassis for the short action Remington 700 from American Built Arms and were very pleased with it. Since then they have offered two revisions, the latest one being Gen 3 was on display at SHOT. When I walked up to the booth I was very surprised when I saw my goofy looking mug on the TV. AB Arms had several Youtube review videos playing and I just happened to walk up at the right time. Pretty cool! I spent some time visiting with the AB Arms guys and found that they paid attention to every review they got as well as customer feedback and made a ton of changes to the chassis system.

    IMG_0628IMG_0600 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0605 IMG_0607

    AB Arms has made a ton of improvements to the Mod*X such as making the trigger pocket and recoil lug pockets larger, improved aesthetics, moving the grip away from the trigger a bit,  ditching the rifle length buffer tube in favor of a carbine length one, an available folding stock as well as a AB Arms designed adjustable stock. I thought that the Gen 1 chassis was pretty darned good but the guys at AB arms really did a great job at improving an already good product. MSRP has not changed as far as I am aware, it is still $799 for the bare chassis.

    IMG_0615 IMG_0622