[SHOT 2016] AREX Rex Zero1 Pistol

    The FIME group, which is a part of Arsenal, is importing the Rex Zero 1 pistol made by Arex in Slovenia. My friends at Polenar Tactical are from Slovenia and shot this commercial for them.


    They brought the pistols out to an invite shoot at The Range 702 in Vegas. I shot the suppressed version with the threaded barrel.





    A close up of the grip texture.




    The Rex Zero 1 reminds me of a Sig P226. However the Rex Zero 1 has some sublte changes. It has an ambi-safety, Ambi mag release, and the de-cocker is also the slide stop/release.

    IMG_8825 IMG_8826


    The Rex Zero 1 is a short recoil modified browning linkless locking system. It comes in 9×19 and 9×21 although I did not inquire if they will import the 9×21 as the only caliber to test was 9×19. Just like the Sig, it is DA/SA.

    Rex data Rex data2


    The standard pistol is already available and going to distributors. MSRP is a reasonable $599. No details on the cost of the threaded barrels just yet. Arex also makes a compact version of the Rex Zero 1 but no info on the price or availability of that one either.


    Here is a short clip shooting the suppressed Rex Zero 1.

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