[SHOT 2016] Roberts Defense’s Desert Ops Custom 1911

    It looks like I am a bit fixated on the 1911 today. While I was trying to find my way around the labyrinth that they call SHOT Show I ran across Roberts Defense and decided to take a look at a name I had not previously heard. I am grateful that I did because the Desert Ops Custom pistol that I took a look at was probably among one of the nicest 1911s I have ever had in my hands.

    IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0512 IMG_0515

    With a MSRP of $1679 it falls right in line with a entry level custom gun while delivering the quality you would find in a full on custom gun. Features like a rail to mount accessories, front strap checkering, ambi safety, a match barrel, factory mag well, Tan Cerakote frame with a black nitrite slide, and great looking VZ grips you get a lot for your money. While visiting with the folks at Roberts they showed me a slide and frame that they had pulled off the line just after fitting, it was butter smooth even though there was little to no lube on the rails. If you tried to let the slide fall off the front of the gun it moved almost like there was molasses on the rails. I have to say, kind of impressive they can get those results for a price point that is pretty achievable for many that couldn’t otherwise afford a custom pistol of this quality.