[SHOT 2016] Black Dawn’s Lightweight 3 Gun Rifle BDR-556-3GLW

    Black Dawn has come up with a light weight entry level 3 gun that won’t break the bank. When the rep Tim was walking me through the rifle’s features I was thinking to myself that this thing is going to cost a fortune. When I asked the MSRP he replied with $1499 for the black anodized rifle and $1675 for the Blackwater alumni version I was floored. I was expecting the price on the basic black rifle to start with a two for sure!

    IMG_0350 IMG_0351 IMG_0352 IMG_0354 IMG_0356 IMG_0358

    The Lightweight 3 Gun rifle features a proven CMC trigger with a 3.5 pound trigger pull and a flat trigger, a Black Hole Weaponry pencil barrel, an Ion bonded bolt carrier group (whatever that means), and a in house built rail system that uses a standard barrel nut, as well as a BMSMIL stock. All of their rifles have an adjustable gas block so that the shooter can tune the rifle for whatever ammo they choose. The rail was pretty exciting too and I understand that they will be selling it on its own as well as on the rifle. Tim informed me that it has a 1.6″ inner diameter allowing it to work with just about any gas pistol on the market.

    Again the MSRP on the Black rifle is $1499 and the Blackwater marked rifle will be $1675.