[SHOT 2016] X Products Sig MPX Drum Mag

    X Products, known for their drum mags and can cannons showed off their new drum magazine for the Sig Sauer. They have it displayed with a gen 2 Sig MPX, not sure if it will work with a gen 1 MPX though. Any gen 1 owners know if the mags are interchangeable? Not a whole lot is known about their new drum mag because it’s so new, we do know their new drum mag holds 50 rounds and just like with their other drums it’s made here in the USA out of aluminum and steel will have a Ceratoke finish. Just like with X Products other products it will also include a lifetime warranty.

    A price point or release date isn’t known yet, expect it to retail around $225 to $250 similarly to their other drum mags. Check out xproducts.com for more info.

    Speaking of the Sig Sauer MPX check out the new Lancer handguard for Sig MPX that also debuted at the 2016 SHOT Show.

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