[SHOT 2016] VertX Conceal Carry Bags and Clothing

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

VertX has two new bags this year. A garment bag and large messenger bag. Both bags are designed to be discrete. There are no overt logos on the outside of the bag. There is an embroidered cloth tag on one end and the handle has molded “VertX” into the grip, otherwise an onlooker won’t know it is a VertX bag. The garment bag looks to be the most interesting.

The Garment bag can accommodate a 12.5″ SBR. When the garment bag is hanging in the closet, you can store the AR inside the bag vertically.

The inside of the bag has quiet loop velcro to attach any velcro item you want and is compatible with VertX’s tactigami line.

Just like any normal garment bag it has an assortment of pockets for storage.

There is a separate rifle compartment that allows rapid access to your firearm when the bag is folded and worn. This comparment is also lined with loop vecro and has laser cut molle slots.

The garment bag will retail for $289.95 and is slated to be available June 1.

Key features of the Professional Garment Rifle Bag include:
• Accommodates rifles up to 28”
• MOLLE and Tactigami™ accessory compatible
• Insert compatible for optional added protection
• Ambidextrous design for left or right handed draw
• Dual butt stock pouches for vertical rifle storage when hanging
• Coated and braided stainless steel cable for securing bag
• Shoulder pad with gripper to prevent sliding
• Pass through back panel for securing to luggage trolley handle

The other bag is a large messenger bag. Similar in size as the garment bag, it too can carry a 12.5″ SBR.

Key features of the Delivery Rifle Messenger Bag include:
• Medium bag holds rifles up to 28”; Large bag holds rifles up to 33”
• MOLLE and Tactigami™ accessory compatible
• EDC pull for rapid access to weapon
• Polymer muzzle shield cup included
• Padded separator in rifle compartment
• Insert compatible for optional added protection
• Ambidextrous design for left or right handed draw

Retail is $299.95 for the large bag.

VertX also has a new line of clothing. Their Delta Stretch Pants are designed to be discrete and conceal carry.

• Soft, flexible fabric for optimal movability
• Discreet interior back pocket credential flaps
• Gusseted crotch provides freedom of movement
• Concealed vertical zipper pocket
• Knife notches located on front pockets
• Leather trimmed tool pockets on both sides
• Articulated knees for increased mobility
• Conceal carry compatible waistband
• MSRP: $89.95!

The VertX Speed Concealed Carry Shirt has faux buttons for quick access.

The bottom corner has a slot for adding fishing weights or coins to aid in folding the front flap out of the way for conceal carry draw.

They also added grommets to insert 6″ length weed wacker cord to stiffen the corner. Another aid in flipping the shirt open for the draw.

The shirts will be $79 for short sleeves and $89 for long sleeves.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Jeffrey Mancini Jeffrey Mancini on Jan 26, 2016

    Anyone know when the clothes hit the shelves?

  • Chris Butler Chris Butler on Jan 27, 2016

    Minor point-
    You used: discrete which means-

    1 : constituting a separate entity : individually distinct

    2 a : consisting of distinct or unconnected elements : noncontinuousb : taking on or having a finite or countably infinite number of values

    You Meant: discreet

    1 : having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and especially in speech : prudent; especially : capable of preserving prudent silence

    2 : unpretentious, modest [the warmth="" and="" discreet="" elegance="" of="" a="" civilized="" home="" joseph="" wechsberg=""]

    3 : unobtrusive, unnoticeable
    Just a point of clarification so anti-gun nuts can't point to minor issues with grammar and say we're all uneducated hicks. Great review otherwise!