[SHOT 2016] iMarksman


    iMarksman is a pretty cool company that makes a training system that can accommodate a number of ways to “dry fire” train.

    At the root of the system is a simple digital camera, some software, and the use of a laser. What I got to see today was quite a bit more interesting than the version I posted on before (though one of the commenters had highlighted some of it).

    Yep, that is pretty much it

    Yep, that is pretty much it.  A computer and a camera.

    The basic system allows you to put any sort of target you want on the wall (or whatever) and shoot it with your favorite laser (red or green doesn’t matter). The software will record the shots via the camera and you can review.

    The upgraded system allows you to actually make a video and upload it into the system and use that (along with a projector of some sort) as your training. Andrey Safanyuk, the president/CEO of iMarksman demonstrated the ease of the system to me. He took a video of me right there, copied it into the program, and suddenly I was projected right up on the demonstration screen they had, ready to be shot with lasers. I was acting aggressively, wielding a camera and pen so it would clearly have been a “justified shoot” scenario… 🙂

    Along with the software they had a number of training pistols for simulation, which was a clever modification to an Airsoft pistol, replacing the top of the magazine with a laser. Additionally they have a number of laser inserts that can be used with your firearm of choice.

    Modified Airsoft pistol that can be used with iMarksman

    Modified Airsoft pistol that can be used with iMarksman

    The biggest problem I see is that you don’t get the feedback and training associated with recoil, but really, isn’t that what the range is for?

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