[SHOT 2016] Adaptive Tactical Accessories

    Adaptive Tactical had a number of interesting products available for SHOT 2016. The first one is a sort of replacement pump for the Mossberg and Remington pump action shotguns. It is a polymer wraparound pump that incorporates picatinny rails on the top and on the sides of the wraparound section, while including a rearward and a forward handstop while operating the pump action. It being a wraparound pump, it includes an empty space through which a shooter can still fully acquire the front bead, while having the ability to mount a light, or even an optic on top of it. It is called the Wraptor Forend, and retails for $49.99.

    Their second product is a “Non-Lite”. This is a piece of plastic, formed in the dimensions of a Surefire X300, but is just that, a piece of plastic. The benefit to this is that a shooter can replace their working light with one of these dummies, while still maintaining the use of it on their handgun so it will fit in holsters that might only accept handguns with lights mounted on them. But if they are doing force on force training with blue guns, or even their actual handguns, then they have the exact configuration of their handgun, just without the risk of possibly breaking or damaging their actual weapon light. Retails for $64.99.

    The third product is a Ruger 10/22 takedown barrel but with a twist. Realizing that normal 10/22 take downs usually have an optics mount on the rear portion of the barrel, this might not work out for precise shooting. Thus, if the optic is mounted to the actual barrel, the movement of the barrel because of new micro positions while taking it on and off the takedown will not affect the optic, because it is mounted to that barrel. The entire barrel assembly is for sale, and retails for $299.99 to $329.99 depending on which configuration.

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