Rocky Venator Camo: An Entirely New Pattern

    Rocky has been around since 1932 when a pair of brothers by the name of Bill and Mike Brooks decided to found a shoe factory in Ohio. That was during the Great Depression, so it was a serious leap of faith. Over the years Rocky hasn’t just succeeded, they’ve flourished, and now they’ve come up with something entirely new: their own camo pattern, Venator.


    It was during a hunt in Utah that a company rep realized there was as serious lack of western region-friendly patterns and in no time Rocky decided to run with it. Then they realized there was an even greater possibility: not just a western pattern but an all-region camo. Venator means “hunter” in Latin. It took two years to produce this pattern, years filled with hunting-boots-on-the-ground research, interviews, and countless sketches.

    Rocky’s new pattern is an interesting combination of various colors and shapes. And unlike some, it isn’t a pattern comprised of reproduced images of vegetation. Venator is carefully designed for specific colors and shapes designed to trick the eye in a variety of terrain. According to the company their new camo blends in seamlessly regardless of the setting. It’s been field-tested extensively by seasoned hunters and guides all across the country. Needless to say results have been positive across the board.


    Speaking as someone with a rather incredible collection of camo, I have to say I myself do like this new pattern. I was fortunate enough to receive some for testing a bit back and have to echo the positive reviews that have come from across the country. Venator is a good pattern, offering concealment not only visually but through the company’s Scent IQ scent-blocking technology. It also utilizes Rocky’s ThermalGuard, which prevents thermal transfer and the pants are burr-resistant which is wonderful when you’re out hunting.

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