Grip Pod Announces Version 2 Coming Soon

    Almost everyone is familiar with the Grip Pod. Not only is it in use with shooters but has widespread use by law enforcement. The US military has been issuing the Grip Pod for years to our troops overseas.

    During it’s years of use several additions have been made such as adding steel into the expanding legs, as well as a throw lever for quick attachment or removal. The basic shape of the Grip Pod has always remained pretty much the same. That is about to change.


    I met with the director of Grip Pod International today and during our talk he pulled out a couple of the soon to be released version 2 Grip Pod. The original has a round body with some additional circles to provide a decent grip. The version 2 has an oval body that is a bit smaller than the original. Both sides of the body are strippled which provides a very good grip surface that sure won’t slip. The shape just feels better to me and I think everyone who gets a chance to handle it will agree. Now there is another option and that is the extendable legs are available in aluminum. You can see in the photo how the aluminum has a smoother surface. The other Grip Pod has metal inserts which they have had available for some time.

    Aluminum legs on the right side of the photo.

    Aluminum legs on the right side of the photo.

    I like the first version but this one feels so much better in the hand. The new military grade model has an MSRP of $149.00 while the model with aluminum legs has an MSRP of $180.00. Street price of course will be less. There is no extra charge if you prefer the throw lever over the original. The basic original retails right at $90.00. A LEO and M249 may be coming at a later date.

    Grip Pods are not sold direct but can be purchased from the following retail stores.

    1. Mounting Solutions Plus 1-800-428-9394

    2. US Tactical Supply – 1-541-928-8645

    3. – 1-877-757-5600


    Grip Pod International Website

    Phil White

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