ERGO Grips SHOT Show Giveaway: Win a Custom Rifle

    ERGO Grips is giving away a custom AR-15 at their SHOT Show booth. The rifle is worth $2,500 and includes components from Viking Armament, LANTAC USA, Vortex Optics and of course ERGO Grip. It is a fine looking firearm.

    ergo grips-1

    To win the rifle you must guess the number of Gappers (an ERGO product that fills the gap between the trigger guard and pistol grip) in a jar. Write your guess on your business card and pop in the box underneath the jar.

    When I was at the booth they were happy to let visitors hold and examine the jar. The winner if probably going to be someone who takes the time to measure or guess the hexagonal jar’s dimensions, calculate the volume of the jar, then divide that by the volume of a Gapper.

    Good luck. If you enter and win after reading this post, let us know!

    ergo grips-4

    Steve Johnson

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