Terrific Lady Day: The Promo Girls of SHOT

    As everyone knows, SHOT booths will often hire some attention-getting promotional models to attract the heavily-male industry to their booths, or sometimes, there are women that work in the company who have technical or marketing expertise, and who also manage to draw some gawkers themselves. While the ethics of the practice are debated and the actual use of that tactic has declined in recent years, there are still quite a few that show up st SHOT and they do definitely bring the dude-centric crowd into a booth. I fell on the sword for you guys this year and snapped a pic whenever I met one of these incredibly patient women on the show floor (if they weren’t being chatted up, which was often). Here’s who I ran into today:



    EAA had a Mad Max theme going, I guess?


    The DSA booth women.


    Cowboy Action Shooting Society had quite a few gents and ladies dressed in period-appropriate costume.


    One of IWI’s marketing girls knows trigger discipline…because she used to be LE/SWAT (seriously). Wow.


    Century’s Russian ladies returned again this year. Is it hot in here or is it just my ushanka?


    Sharps’ booth ladies would only allow a picture if they got to review it and approve. This one received the consensus approval.


    Sabre’s marketers probably wanted to test some of the Sabre brand mace on the SHOT photographer.


    Last but definitely not least, IWI’s booth models had game kicked at them all day. Watching some of the industry guys try to pick these two up was pretty awesomely funny. The ladies played along pretty well (and deserve raises next year).



    FN had the hottest booth babe of the show.

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