[SHOT 2016] Did Torkmag Fix the Exploding Magazine?

    Earlier this year I got in a prototype Torkmag for review that failed in a rather epic manner while loading it to the 50 round capacity.  I stopped by Jarret’s booth to see if he had made any progress on addressing the issues that I experienced and was pleased to find that they have a al new one piece magazine body. The new body will completely eliminate the failure point that I found along the seams of the old clam shell design. When I asked Jarret if he wanted me to break it again he said that the new mags will not be ready till later this year because they are finalizing the mold.

    IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0496 IMG_0499

    While I was at Jarret’s booth I saw a strange looking bullpup rifle with a ARAK upper on it. When I asked him he said that it was just a pet project he has been working on and he will fill me in as he gets it closer to completion. I will say, it might have been the most innovative AR I have seen at the show yet. Jarret did state that the complete lower will go for about $800 or so putting a complete rifle at around the price of a Tavor.

    IMG_0501 IMG_0505