[SHOT 2016] Arsenal, Inc’s New Suppressor-Ready AKs, FIME Rex Zero 1S Pistol

    Arsenal, Inc, importer of highly regarded Bulgarian AK-pattern rifles, was present at the show, displaying two rifles hot off the production lines: An SLR-104 and an SAM7SF with barrels threaded for 14.5×1 LH twist threads, to accept suppressors. These rifles were fitted with Gemtech suppressors marked “ARSENAL” on the side. According to representatives, the rifles are specially selected to ensure their front sight blocksĀ are straight, as that part is not normally toleranced tightly for suppressor mounting to prevent baffle strikes.


    My camera was challenged by the Arsenal booth’s stand lighting.




    This suppressor was mounted to the SAM7SR rifle, and is marked both “GEMTECH” and “ARSENAL”.


    Arsenal shared a booth with associated company FIME Group, which has begun importing the Slovenian Rex Zero 1 pistol, an aluminum-framed, hammer-fired pistol similar in appearance to the SIG P226. The gun is chambered in 9mm, and has a 17 + 1 capacity, weighing in at 29 ounces. I failed to actually take a picture of the gun, however, so we will just make do with promotional images for now (I will add pictures tomorrow):

    arex-zero1_b rex8-1024x670 arex-zero1

    The company that makes these pistols, Arex, has been in the manufacturing business for twenty years, after branching off from a department of the Iskra company. The guns appeared well-made and finished, and will retail for $599 MSRP. Arex also developed the AKB-15 upgrade kit for Kalashnikov rifle receivers, and announced the Rex Zero 1 early last year.

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