New for 2016: Vortex AR Series Red Dot and Prism Optics

    Quietly launched on the Vortex Optics site last week were their new sights and scopes for 2016, which we expect to spend some time with at Shot Show next week.

    They’ve expanded their Sparc Red dot and Spitfire Prismatic lines with an “AR” variant of each. Notably, both systems are running off a single AAA battery.


    First, the Spitfire AR: MSRP is set at $349

    This is a 1x prismatic scope, which is an etched glass reticle rather than a true red dot. The idea is that even without a battery, there’s a flat black crosshair visible through the optic. Also, they’re often noticably cleaner for shooters with astigmatisms that get blurry or smudged images from red dots.

    Like Vortex’s other prismatic scopes, the reticle on the Spitfire AR can be illuminated with either red or green at varying powers. It looks like Vortex is continuing to use the dual ring DRT reticle from the existing 1x Spitfire. But now the illumination controls are on the back of the optic, facing the shooter.

    ps_spitfire_ar_bl-t ps_spitfire_ar_fr-t

    Then the Sparc AR: MSRP is set at $259

    Again, the illumination controls have been re-positioned to the back of the optic, facing the shooter. And a new rubber armor is coming built in with this optic. The front and rear lens covers that snap together definitely draws inspiration from the excellent Tango Down aimpoint covers.

    Battery life is ballparked at 300 hours at max brightness and 5000 hours minimum brightness. The Sparc AR also features an auto-shut-off that kicks in after 12 hours.

    rd_sparc-ar_fl-t rd_sparc-ar_closed_fr-t rd_sparc-ar_bl-t rd_sparc-ar_fr-t

    Edward O

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