Upgraded SIG M400 Predator

    SIG Sauer featured a wide variety of firearms at their own range event the Monday that kicked off SHOT Show 2016. Among those guns was the SIG M400 Predator, a rifle that was originally debuted in 2013 but has now been upgraded.

    The SIG M400 Predator comes chambered in 5.56 NATO and is, as the name suggests, marketed towards predator hunters. If you’re into calling coyotes or dropping feral hogs, this just might be your dedicated predator rifle. Of course, it isn’t for predators. One of the SIG team members at the range said many shooters are now using the SIG M400 Predator for competition shooting due to its accuracy and reliable performance. That makes this a versatile rifle – and it’s seriously fun to shoot.


    Slinging lead down-range with this rifle was fantastic; it rang steel time and again with the maximum available distance being around 212 yards. It would be great to try this out at longer distances. The trigger is a Geissele and although the exact specs are not available, trigger weight felt like it was around 4 pounds. Without a magazine it weighs in at 7 pounds but with a full mag and optics it felt closer to 10. It has an 18″ match-grade barrel and 1 in 8 twist rate. Other features include an M1913 upper receiver and ALG M-LOK Handguard. It’s been streamlined for even greater ergonomics and given a barrel upgrade.

    MSRP $1384. Look online at http://www.sigsauer.com/CatalogProductDetails/sigm400-predator.aspx


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