[SHOT 2016] Shooting 1000 yards for the first time with the Barrett MRAD

    Barrett has been teasing me with the MRAD rifle system for the last 5 years or so but today I was able to get behind one and shoot at a distance I had previously never even considered trying. I will say that the MRAD looks very much the part of the long range tactical shooter in a very cool way. The one feature that I thought was really outstanding was the user replaceable barrels that only require removing two torx screws to free the barrel, your precision rifle that would be in one and only caliber is now capable of accepting several caliber conversion kits. While realistically the end user will buy the rifle in their desired configuration and leave it that way, the few people that decide that they don’t want to buy more than one rifle will rejoice in not having to drop a ton of money on a second or third rifle to have all the calibers their heart desires.


    We all know that Barrett is more than capable of building a rifle that can really reach out and touch something, but I have never personally shot anything past 400 yards or so. When the Barrett rep told me the target they had picked for me was 960 yards out I got a bit wide eyed. I will be the first to admit that I am not the greatest shot in the world, but what the hell. First shot, a miss just to the left. With a quick hold recommendation from the rep I landed the second shot on the gong. The third, fourth, and fifth shots followed suit on increasingly small targets with the satisfying ping and a reassuring “hit” from the rep.

    If a shooter such as myself was able to land 4 out of the 5 shots fired I think looking at the MRAD might be worth it if you are willing to shell out the roughly $6,000 for the rifle. I wish more of my photos had turned out, because not only did this thing feel like it was worth $6,000 but it looked the part as well.

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