[SHOT 2016 Range Day] MINOX ZP-8

    One scope to rule them all is how I would describe the MINOX ZP-8. Walking by their booth on SHOT Range Day, I was approached by a friendly MINOX representative who said, “Want to see a cool riflescope?” “Sure!” I responded. The MINOX representative handed me what appeared to be a low powered rifle scope. The representative told me to dial it up to 8 power, and dial it down. Cranking the scope up to 8 power, then dialing it down, I was pleasantly surprised when I dialed the reticle down to around 3 power and an illuminated red dot appeared on the reticle.

    Key Features from the manufacturer:

    • Unique combination of one reticle at the 1st focal plane and a second daylight illuminated reticle at the 2nd focal plane which is activated between 1x and 2.5x magnification – dimmable in 9 steps
    • 8x magnification: true 1x magnification for high speed targeting at close quarters and 8x maximum magnification for precision at greater distances
    • CCR technology for a quick reaction and unrestricted concentration on the target
    • 10 mrad single turn (ST) elevation setting with zero stop
    • Parallax free adjusted at 200 m
    • Available with the following reticle. R10+, MR10, A8-D

    Note the reticle intensity knob. The ZP-8 has a 34 mm tube.


    The ZP-8 is a 1-8 power. From playing with it on the range and comparing the view to linear objects, it appeared to be a true 1x. The adjustment knob made magnifying the optic very fast.


    MINOX MR10X reticle. Note the wind holds.


    MINOX MR10 reticle. This is optimized for 3 gunners who don’t want a cluttered field of view.


    The MINOX ZP-8 appears like it can do anything. Close quarters battle, dangerous game hunting and shooting people out to 800 yards. The eye relief was very forgiving, the construction was state of the art, and the optical clarity was on par with other ultra high end scopes. This scope would look amazing atop my CZ 550 FS. MINOX will be at SHOT booth 15357.



    Thomas Gomez

    Thomas Gomez currently resides in the mountains of central New Mexico. He has an M.B.A, an Ar-15/M16/M4 armorer certification from Specialized Armament Warehouse as well as a Glock armorer certification. Aside from writing for The Firearm Blog he works as a Clinical Analyst for a large Hospital. He spends his free time farming, ranching, hiking, fly-fishing and hunting in the beautiful forests and prairies of New Mexico. He can be reached at [email protected]