[SHOT 2016] Korth’s Fine Firearms

    German gunmaker Korth was present at Industry Day, showing off variations on the Sky Marshal 9mm clipless revolver, and the PRS roller retarded blowback semiautomatic handgun. TFB got a chance to fire both guns, and found their triggers – as expected – to be excellent, with the PRS’s trigger being especially light.

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    The Sky Marshal 9mm was a very enjoyable handgun to shoot, although I noted that due to the higher pressure ammunition, it was considerably “barkier” than I would have expected from a comparable .38 Special revolver. The gun had some problems ejecting, which the Korth rep explained as the result of differences in German and Italian ammunition (it was loaded with Fiocchi), but which were exacerbated by the short ejector rod – it required considerable force to eject spent cases all at once.

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    Unfortunately, Korth reported that their original demo guns (which had been sighted in and properly tuned) had been lost in transit to the US, and their back-up guns had not been so prepared. This was evident especially with the Sky Marshal, which shot a full round steel silhouette target lower than its point of aim. Even with this handicap, once I had figured out my dope, the gun rang steel with every pull of the trigger – and I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a high-end gunmaker like Korth.

    The company had on display alongside its functional models a cutaway PRS, showing the locking mechanism and other details of its operation.

    Our own Rusty S. took some excellent photos of this cutaway gun and others on display:

    Thanks to Edward O. and Rusty S. for theirĀ help with photography.


    Nathaniel F

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