[SHOT 2016] New Order Firearms NO9 Pistol

    Through the years I’ve seen and fired as well as owned most striker fired polymer pistols. I honestly thought I had seen just about every variation that could be made.

    Well today I found a fairly new company that makes a striker fired polymer pistol that has excellent features and a trigger that honestly rivals a good 1911 trigger. Lets be honest most polymer pistols don’t have the best triggers. They can be gritty have a lot of stacking and feel mushy. The worst examples can suffer from all three. Of course this is why we have such a healthy aftermarket in triggers for these guns.


    With the New Order and NO9 model this is no concern at all. After taking with the father and son owners I shot both models a good deal. I was shocked at how good this trigger is. I just didn’t think it possible to make a polymer gun with a smooth trigger with near zero takeup and a clean smooth reset. While the company states the trigger has five pounds of pull these two pistols I fired were closer to four pounds and no more.

    The leftie

    The leftie

    Accuracy was very good as well. I was firing from 15 yards and kept all my rounds not only on the steel 10 inch circle target but kept almost all in the center of the target.

    The main company is Evans Machine Company which has been making parts and components for the US military and include parts for the M240, Ma Deuce, Mk 19 and many other of our countries military arms. Two years ago this father and son team started New Order Firearms in order to use the experience they have in producing firearm components for 30 years to design these two new pistols.


    The NO9 model will make you lefties very happy since the NO9 is 100% made for left hand shooters. All controls are on the correct side for left handed shooters and ejects the rounds to the left rather than the right. It’s a true left hand pistol. They are very proud of this model and feel it’s well overdue.

    Standard New Order pistols have a mag release that can be switched over to either side depending on the owners’ preference. Both models feature a loaded chamber indicator similar to the XD models.
    Both models have a good angle on the grip and has a grip surface that is not abrasive but does provide a secure grip.

    Competition model

    Competition model

    Many times readers have talked about the cost of magazines for new guns. Well that isn’t a concern here. All models whether 9mm or 40 caliber use standard Beretta 92 or model 96 magazines! These guns actually ship with three real Beretta mags. How’s that for saving the owner money!

    These pistols have no MIM parts, castings, laser wielding etc. The slide is made from billet steel.


    Both models can also be changed from 9mm to 40 cal. Kits are available which includes a barrel, slide and Beretta mags. MSRP $200 for the kits!

    Each pistol comes with a lifetime warranty and ships in a nice nylon case that zips up all around. Inside is the pistol and three Beretta magazines.


    Type: Striker Fired Semi-Auto
    Caliber: 9mm Luger
    Capacity: 10+1 / 15+1 / 17+1 / 18+1 / 20+1
    Barrel Length: 4.17″ (105.91mm)
    OAL/Height/Width: 7.20″ (182.88mm) / 5.28″ (134.11mm) / 1.12″ (28.44mm)
    Weight: 31 oz.
    Construction: Polymer Frame with Steel Slide
    Sights: Standard 3 Dot Fixed
    Trigger: Single Action with 5.00# Pull (measured)
    Safety: Trigger Lever Safety (Std)
    MSRP: $ 675.00 (Introductory MSRP)
    Manufacturer: Evans Machining Service Inc
    Handedness: True Right or Left Hand NOTE: Magazine Release Button is Reversible

    The MSRP is set at $675 but the owners feel most retailers will be able to sell them $600 possibly a bit lower. By all means if you get a chance check this pistol out. The owners also encourage potential buyers to call with any questions or feature, caliber request.

    New Order Website

    Phil White

    Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: [email protected] you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.