New Cartridge: 30 Nosler

    30 Nosler

    Nosler officially announced a new rifle cartridge: the 30 Nosler. The third in a series of rifle cartridges introduced by the company in recent years, the 30 Nosler claims to combine the beast aspects of four other cartridges into one super cartridge:

    • velocity of the 300 Weatherby
    • headspaces on the shoulder like the 300 RUM
    • efficient powder column akin to the 300 WSM
    • same action length as the 300 Win Mag

    The new 30 Nosler is SAAMI standardized.

    30 Nosler rifle

    To start with, the company will offer two loads for the new caliber. The first is in the company’s Trophy Grade line. It uses a 180 grain AccuBond bullet that is rated at 3,200 fos at the muzzle. The second load is in the Trophy Grade LR line. This load uses a 210 grain AccuBond LR load and clocks at 3,000 fps. Velocities for both loads were measured from a 26″ barrel.

    To support the new caliber, the company is now offering the caliber as an option in its M48 Heritage, M48 Liberty and M48 Custom rifles. It should come as no surprise that the company also offers brass for handloaders. In its most recent reloading manual, the company included load recipes for the 30 Nosler.

    The other calibers that the company has developed recently are the 26 Nosler and the 28 Nosler.

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