LaserMax Green Lasers for SIG

    lasermax green laser sig

    LaserMax announced new green laser aiming options for a pair of classic SIG SAUER handguns.

    The first new model is the LMS-2261G. This unit is a guide rod replacement for the SIG SAUER P226 pistol. It uses an internal green laser as a supplemental aiming tool. Unlike an external laser that mounts to an accessory rail or trigger guard, one of these LaserMax guide rods can be installed in the gun and not require the purchase of a new holster. Since the unit is completely internal, there are not any external dimension changes. The unit is expected to ship in early 2016. It will carry a suggested retail price of $349.

    The second new laser option for SIG SAUER pistols is the LMS-2291G. This laser unit is similar to the one above, but it is designed to fit the SIG P229 pistols. Like the LMS-2261G, it is completely internal to the gun and does not change any of the external dimensions.

    The LMS-2291G also uses a green laser for aiming. It is expected to ship around the same time as the LMS-2261G and carry the same price.

    LaserMax has made internal guide rod lasers that fit┬ávarious handguns for several decades. One of the company’s other recent releases fits the subcompact Glock pistols. The company does make other aiming tools such as the Spartan as well.

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