National Police Ammunition Announces Federal Contract Award

    National Police Ammunition (NPA) announced that as of December 7, 2015, the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) has awarded them a contract to provide Reduced Hazard Training Ammunition (RHTA) to FLETC as well as other DHS components and Federal Agencies. This contract covers a base year of 12 months and the potential for an additional four years in one year increments (worth $10 million for the full five years).

    Two of their rounds will be introduced at SHOT: Z-CLEAN and SDR (Frangible Simulated Duty Round).

    Z-CLEAN – The Future of Ammunition

    Z-CLEAN is a 100% Zinc projectile which NPA says is comparable to the ballistics or accuracy of traditional FMJ ammunition (while remaining cost-effective and able to function in all firearms).  Since it is 100% lead free, it offers increased benefits to both indoor and outdoor shooting facilities by eliminating the need for expensive HEPA filters, lead mitigation, and associated EPA permits.

    SDR – Frangible Simulated Duty Round

    NPA’s Simulated Duty Round (SDR) is also 100% lead-free and is a frangible cartridge.  All of its components have been specially manufactured to address unique training needs within law enforcement agencies and has been rigorously tested by FLETC. Because it is frangible, SDR reduces the risk of ricochets, especially within indoor training facilities (which a number of agencies use). Just like the Z-CLEAN it has the same benefits for indoor and outdoor ranges.

    Having been through live-fire training facilities before, having a training round like NPA’s or even Sinter Fire’s is a big help when you are first starting out, and throughout training.  Obviously there is a different risk profile when in actual operations, but making live-fire training safer by eliminating ricochets and what not I applaud.

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