Shooting with your Feet?

    I’ve seen some astonishing feats by disabled shooters with firearms, from double amputees, blind shooters, or a form of therapy, but in my opinion this one is up there among the best and might just take the cake. This video was posted by a Facebook group called Southern Boyz Outdoors in 2014, but this is the first time I’ve come across it. The gentleman in the video (named Michael) appears to be a double arm amputee, but yet is manipulating, firing, and single loading ammunition with just the use of his feet, propped up on a pillow, while his body is on a car hood, and his back leaning up against the windows. He puts the .45 Beretta handgun (or Taurus, can’t tell from the angle) on safe every two rounds, because I’m sure it is extremely arduous just holding it in that position, between the web of his toes. I’m also seeing some blood or a scab on the foot that is gripping the handgun, this must be from the slide recoiling back and cutting him a little as he fires. At the end of a magazine, he calmly locks the slide to the rear, removes the magazine, and loads up another!

    I hope this can be an inspiration to disabled shooters out there.


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