New .357, .44 Rounds from SIG SAUER

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
SIG 44 Mag

SIG SAUER announced the addition of two new hunting rounds to its growing stable of ammunition. The new rounds are the .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.

The .357 Magnum load uses a 125 grain V-Crown bullet that makes for 1,450 fps at the muzzle. SIG does not state the barrel length for that velocity.

For the .44 Magnum, the company uses a 240 grain V-Crown bullet loaded to 1,300 fps. Again, no barrel length for the given velocity is provided.

Both rounds use cases coated with the DUCTA-BRIGHT 7A process. The DUCTA-BRIGHT 7A process is a nickel plating that offers better case strength when compared to cases made with the existing nickel plating processes. For high pressure loads and reloading purposes, the DUCTA-BRIGHT 7A process would appear to offer significant advantages over conventional nickel plated cases. Corbon is also using the process on its new Urban Defense line of ammunition.

These loads are just several of recent ammunition announcements from SIG SAUER. In recent days, the company announced three new revolver loads and one rifle load. These include the following calibers:

  • .38 Special
  • .44 Special
  • .45 Colt
  • 300 BLK

Last year, the company introduced a large number of options as well. Some of those included the .38 Super defensive load and the line of FMJ ammo for practice or sport.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Lance Lance on Jan 14, 2016

    Finally SIG goes to manly calibers!!!! LOL

  • Guest Guest on Jan 16, 2016

    I am intrigued, especially by the .357.

    I'd like to see chrono data and ballistic gelatin tests, of course.