Volquartsen Barrels for SW22 Pistol

    Volquartsen SW22 Fluted Barrel

    Volquartsen announced a pair of new barrels for the recently introduced Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory pistol. One of the features of the new rimfire pistol is its ability to easily field strip and replace the factory barrel. When the gun was announced, I expected to see follow on announcements about aftermarket barrels – or additional barrels of varying lengths from the company. Volquartsen has not disappointed.

    The first of the two barrels is a fluted, stainless steel barrel. The barrel is threaded and comes with a thread protector. In addition, Volquartsen ships the barrel with a forward blow compensator. The fluting is in the company’s I pattern. As Smith & Wesson suggested, Volquartsen confirms this is a drop in installation. The suggested retail price of the new barrel is $295.

    Volquartsen SW22 Victory Barrel

    The second new barrel is a lightweight carbon fiber tension barrel. According to the company, the system is the same as what is used in the company’s carbon fiber rifle barrels. The tension system adds rigidity to the system but with a significant weight reduction. This barrel is also threaded and comes with a thread protector. It does not come with a compensator, however. The retail price on this barrel is $215.

    Volquartsen is well known in the firearms industry for their work with rimfire guns. In addition to barrels, the company also makes lightweight Ruger Mk III frames.

    Richard Johnson

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