Hornady Rapid Rack & Ballistic Band

    The ammunition company Hornady has come out with two very simple products. The first one is called the “Rapid Rack”. It is basically a chamber flag, made out entirely out of aluminum. Ideally, a shooter can have this in their weapon system, thus keeping it a condition three weapon with only a magazine of live rounds inserted, but nothing in the chamber. If the weapon needs to be deployed, one simply “racks” the chamber flag to the rear, thus removing the empty chamber indicator, and pushing the bolt on an AR15 or shotgun to the rear, thus loading and chambering the formally empty firearm. Retailing for $12.45 per one flag.

    The Hornady® Rapid Rack™ is an empty chamber indicator that also operates as a load assist device for law enforcement officers or those who prefer to keep their long gun ready with a fully charged magazine and an empty chamber.

    To use the Rapid Rack™ simply insert the cartridge-shaped portion of the Rapid Rack™ into the (unloaded and safe*) firearm’s chamber leaving the colored lever sticking out of the ejection port. Close the bolt allowing the extractor to grasp the extractor groove on the head of the Rapid Rack™, then insert a loaded magazine (AR-15/10) or load the tubular magazine (select 12 gauge shotguns**). The visible colored lever visually displays that the chamber is empty. To “make ready”, simply shoulder the firearm, grab the lever and pull straight back and allow the Rapid Rack™ to fall to the ground as the now fully charged bolt springs forward to feed a round into the chamber.

    Users that prefer to charge their firearm normally are free to do so as the Rapid Rack™ will not interfere with standard operation.

    On the range, on patrol, or at home, you can go from condition 3 to locked and loaded in less than a second. Just grip it and rip it with the Hornady® Rapid Rack™.


    I think it’s forward thinking in the idea of it, but too many shooters have their own preferences, and too many police departments have their own SOPs when it comes to what they want their officers weapons to be in what conditions when not used. What do you think?

    The other product is called the “Ballistic Band”, and consists of an elastic piece, that has blank data printed on it where a shooter can input long distance dope at different ranges, and then wrap the band around the rifle or their hand, for easy viewing while shooting. Retailing for $5.16.

    Avoid confusion and tag your guns with these handy Ballistic Bands. Sold as a 2-pack, the bands allow shooters to record the ammunition, bullet weight and ballistic information for quick reference in the field or in storage. Place it on your gun stock or wear on your wrist.

    99131_ballistic_band_stock-003 99131_ballistic_band-007-on-wrist


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