New Boyds Stocks for Winchester XPR


    Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks has been very busy bringing out new stocks in recent months. One of the latest aftermarket stock fits they offer is for the long action Winchester XPR rifles.

    The new stocks come in a variety of forms and color options with a range of customizations that are available.


    New stock options include:

    • Classic – traditional look with a slender, open grip and cheekpiece
    • Featherweight¬†Thumbhole – laminate thumbhole design that reduces cheek slap
    • Heritage – similar to the Prairie Hunter below, slightly heightened comb, slight oval grip
    • Platinum – similar to the Classic model above, open grip, cheekpiece parallel to the bore
    • Prairie Hunter – a Monte Carlo style stock with a slight oval grip
    • ProVarmint – pattern originally developed for rimfire shooters wanting a more tactical feel with ambidextrous grip and Monte Carlo style comb
    • Varmint Thumbhole – a thumbhole stock designed for long range scope work

    In recent months, Boyds introduced stocks for Savage A17 rifles, the Mossberg Patriot and even Benjamin Marauder air guns. The stocks are regarded as being excellent aftermarket replacements by many people. From the colors offered standard to the detailed customizations that can be ordered, the stocks can give a rifle a clearly unique look. Stock prices start at $129 and can go up if you want any special work done.

    Richard Johnson

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