New Auto-Ordnance Thompson Barrel Length


    For the new year, Auto-Ordnance will begin selling a Thompson carbine with a shorter length. The new gun drops the barrel length from 18″ to 16.5″ by using a sub-16″ barrel and permanently attaching a Cutts compensator. The overall length is 39″.

    The new gun, designated T1-14, is based on the original Thompson submachine gun. It is chambered in .45 ACP and comes with a single 20-round stick magazine. The rifle has a polished American Walnut stock and weighs in at 12.5 pounds. Auto-Ordnance fits a blade sight out front and an adjustable sight in the rear. The suggested retail price of this new gun is $1,461.

    A second new version of the Thompson also has the shortened barrel, but the buttstock is detachable. This gun runs $1,910. It also comes with a single 20-round magazine.

    Auto-Ordnance manufactures a variety of reproduction guns from the World War II era. These include the Thompson, 1911 and M1 Carbine. Some of the guns are pretty close reproductions (such as this budget priced 1911) while a few (like this gold Thompson) are a little crazier. The company also made a modern folding stock version of the M1 Carbine, though I prefer original wood stock.

    Auto-Ordnance is owned by Kahr Arms and is a part of the Kahr Firearms Group.

    Richard Johnson

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