SMT Tactical Pointy KSG upgrades

    I was looking at alternate Keltec Shotgun choke adapters and came across these somewhat ridiculous upgrades for the Kel-Tec Shotgun. Yes, that is a rail on a rail you see in the photo above.

    Tactical pointy thingies for your KSG sums it up.

    There are tactical chokes for supposedly breaching and can be used to poke people. However SMT Tactical takes this to the next level. They made a pointed end cap to replace the magazine tube end caps of the KSG. They even have extensions in case you run a longer muzzle device.

    Melee extensions A crop


    If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, there is the Lancia. It is Italian for spear apparently. There is only one type of Lancia that I like and it is the Stratos Rally car.

    Lancia 4 Lancia 2 550pxl Lancia 1a 550pxl


    Who actually needs to impale their victims when you have a shotgun? Let’s skip the hackneyed Kel-Tec reliability jokes shall we?

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