New P238, P938 Grip Colors from Hogue

    Hogue G10 Grips

    For 2016, Hogue announced an expansion of the grip color options that it offers for the SIG SAUER P238 and P938 handguns. The additional color choices are available in its G10 line of grip panels for these two pistols.

    For the P238, the new color options are G-Mascus Dark Earth and G-Mascus Purple Lava. Both of these colors can be matched with either smooth G10 grips or those with the company’s Piranha Grip. As the name suggests, the Piranha Grip has a bit of a bite to ensure a shooter can hold onto the gun in adverse conditions.

    In the P938 line, the color options expanded even more. The color choices now include:

    • G-Mascus Red Lava,
    • G-Mascus Blue Lava,
    • G-Mascus Pink Lava,
    • G-Mascus Purple Lava, and
    • G-Mascus Dark Earth.

    As with the P238 grips, the new P938 color options can be had with the company’s Smooth G-Mascus panels or with the Piranha Grip.

    Hogue has seen significant success with its Extreme Series G10 line of grips. Earlier in the year, the company expanded the line to cover the Ruger LCR series of revolvers. G10 grips for other popular handguns such as the 1911 are also available from Hogue. Of course, SIG SAUER is not afraid to add a little dressing to the P238. Models like the Black Pearl come with their own set of fancy grips.

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