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    In the world of firearms practice really does make perfect. You can never have too much target practice or too much ammunition, and the two conveniently go hand in hand – or hand-on-gun, as it were. Most shooters use a variety of methods to practice including visiting their local range to shoot paper and hitting their favorite outdoor shooting spots to blow away a variety of stationary objects. Some ranges employ moving targets or have small shoot houses available as well. Then there’s participation in events designed to hone marksmanship while also being enjoyable such as the steel plate shooting matches that many ranges host on a regular basis. There are quite a few options out there for the general public, and now there’s something new: Plinker.

    Plinker is a new system designed to break up the monotony of shooting paper targets while also providing a means of more advanced training. The system is made of steel plates with a series of lights that appear in different locations at varying speeds. It’s based on a training system used by many law enforcement agencies and is a good way to improve not only speed but learning to get on target quickly and reacting to unpredictable movement.

    What do you guys think, is this something you’d want to see at your local range?

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    From Plinker Systems:

    1. Uses only one lane : A Plinker target System uses a single lane in a bay.
    2. No Wires to Run: The target communicates back to the firing line via a wireless connection from the target to the tablet which is mounted on the wall.
    3. Completely Mobile: Once assembled, the target may be easily rolled around the range, should the lane be needed for other activities. Locking casters stabilize the target on the 12-yard mark, recommended as the minimal distance from a shooter.
    4. Electronic Scoring: The tablet and the target communicate asynchronously, allowing game choices to be sent to the target controller which controls laser beams in the base. Immediately after games are played, a shooter’s score is communicated back to both the firing line tablet and further to the shooter’s account on the internet portal.

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