Kimber Releases Micro 9 Sub-Compact 9mm

    Buried in their new product announcement for the year, Kimber has announced the release of their Micro 9 9mm sub-compact handgun. The new Micro 9 is the big brother to Kimbers existing Micro .380 series and the slightly-larger-brother to Kimber’s Solo series.

    Construction of the Micro 9 is an aluminum frame topped with a steel slide. The Micros feature a 16 lbs recoil spring coiled around a full-length guide rod. Width of the frame is only 1.06 inches and the barrel length is pegged at 3.15, respectable for subcompacts in the caliber. Triggers are “match grade” with the factory weight set a 7 lbs.


    Unlike the Solo series, the Micro 9s borrow far more heavily from the 1911 design and feature the straight-pull single-action only trigger. Like the Solo, capacity is a small, only 6 + 1, which even the Glock single stacks is able to beat. The slightly longer barrel does not yield an increase in sight radius, with the Solo at 4.4 inches. and the Micro 9 at 4.3 due to the expose hammer shortening up the slide relative to the back of the grip.

    The new handguns are priced at far more reasonable (at least compared to the Solo) $654 for the stainless version and its Two-Tone brother. Like other Kimber handgun series, a factory Crimson Trace equipped model is available at an MSRP of $894.

    Nathan S

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