Damascus AR receiver

    A company by the name of Dahmer Arms has announced on their webpage that they will be making a limited lot of 10 AR lower receivers out of Damascus Steel. Each receiver will be billed at 5,000 dollars, a hefty toll for a one of a kind production item. They say that they will be ready in the Fall this year. The company is mostly centered around producing Damascus Steel 1911 grips, in addition to various other configurations of metal 1911 grips. This will be their first attempt at producing a Damascus Steel lower receiver.

    There are a number of myths about Damascus Steel within the firearms community. I’m not a gunsmith, but as I understand it, there are about five different ways of manufacturing using the process, and one of them has been deemed unsafe, as it involves wrapping layers of steel around a solid core to produce a shotgun barrel. Later on, after a number of shots and years went by, these barrels had a chance of bursting when fired, and were thus deemed unsafe to fire. However, this particular process is only one type of barrel manufacture that was widely used in a particular time period previous to the 1900s. The other processes of Damascus Steel are perfectly fine to shoot from, if a firearm is made from that. Again, I’m no metal expert so if any of our readers want to point out exactly what these processes are, by all means.

    Limited run of 10 lower receivers will be made. contact directly [email protected] for availability. to our knowledge nobody has ever made a lower receiver out of damascus. we hope to have these ready to ship by early Fall 2015.


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