Viking themed AR rifle

    7.62 Precision has showcased a Viking themed AR rifle on their Facebook page, and it is quite the eye candy of the month. Using Duracoat and a laser engraving process, they painted a pretty standard AR15, and then cut designs into it, all over the stock and receiver. They even cut out the front of the MOE handguards into a wolf! I wish I had more of a background in Viking mythology so I could better appreciate the writing and designs on it. The company does a number of Duracoat jobs on a wide variety of firearms from handguns to rifles sent in from customers.

    I think the beauty in this is that unlike some other extremely customized and extravagant AR makers out there, that do all sorts of bluing jobs, and high end parts, this company took a completely standard AR along with polymer components, and simply applied a high level of art work to it. A number of comments on the Facebook page are asking about prices for something done to their own rifles, and the admins replied back that the base rifle is the inexpensive part, the additional layers on top of it is where the price tag would come in. But they haven’t said if they would be willing to offer this to customers yet.

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