Palmetto State Armory Glock Mag AR15 Lowers

Ray I.
by Ray I.

Palmetto State Armory recently debuted their new AR15 Lowers that accept Glock style 9mm pistol magazines. They have completely assembled AR15 lowers in both rifle and pistol configurations available. The new PSA 9mm lowers are machined from billet 7075 aluminum T6 forgings and have a hard coat anodized finish. Palmetto State Armory also uses their own lower build kits, a classic A2 grip, 6 position buffer tube and M4 style stock. The pistol configuration will include a PSA pistol buffer tube and no stock obviously. They retail at just $239 over at

The only downside is they were designed to work with Palmetto’s 9mm AR15 uppers and bolt carrier groups, not sure why they wouldn’t work with other 9mm uppers however. AR-15 lowers that make use of popular Glock magazines are nothing new, New Frontier Armory actually debuted their own billet Glock mag AR-15 lowers at the low price of just $169.99 for a stripped lower and $289.99 for a complete lower a few months back. There was also the Angstadt Arms UDP-9 Glock Mag 9mm Pistol that was shown off at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year. And there’s also the Quarter Circle 10 GSF in .40SW that we posted back in April.

Ray I.
Ray I.

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  • Would be nice to have a large-frame glock mag lower so you could rock 10mm mags.

    There's enough custom upper manufacturers out there that sourcing a 10mm upper is easy. The lower is the difficult part.

    • Cal S. Cal S. on Jan 04, 2016

      @Christian Hedegaard-Schou TNW Firearms has a 10mm carbine; one of their Aero Survival Rifles.

  • Scubalizard Scubalizard on Jan 05, 2016

    Now if this was 10mm I'd be on it.