DDI 12 – New AK Shotgun

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson

Destructive Devices Industries (aka DDI) will begin selling a new shotgun called the DDI 12 in 2016. The new semi-automatic guns use a Kalashnikov-style action and will be chambered in 12 gauge.

The new guns are being imported (unsure on from where at this time) and will use Saiga type magazines. Scuttlebutt around the internet forums suggests the company will be manufacturing their own magazines to go with these guns also.

DDI states that these shotguns will be compatible with most Saiga 12 accessories.

The following are some of the additional features of the gun per DDI:

  • chrome lined barrel
  • fiber optic sights
  • AR-style safety selector
  • left-hand charging handle
  • a four position gas regulator
  • reversible rear sling loop

The suggested retail price on these guns is expected to be about $750. Considering Saiga guns are banned from import by executive fiat, the Vepr 12’s I’ve seen are selling for more at the local dealers than the MSRP of the DDI12, and the Kalashnikov USA US109T shotguns seem to be slow getting to the market, DDI may be in a good position to sell these in the next year.

Destructive Devices Industries sells AK-style rifles and recently introduced a “build your own” rifle. The build your own is a functioning barreled receiver that you can then add your own choice in stock, pistol grip and other furniture and accessories.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.

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  • Matt Shermer Matt Shermer on Jan 01, 2016

    The quality I like here is that they are already converted to standard pistol grip, sadly I was thinking because of my budget (unconverted Saigas are between $750 and $1000, and Vepr Shotguns aren't far behind that) I would try out the Catamount Fury and convert it with a Carolina Shooter Supply parts kit, which is between $750 and $800 worth of investment, if this comes out on the market below that investment cost though I could really get behind this...

  • TDog TDog on Jan 01, 2016

    Oh joys... another shotgun that for just a few thousand dollars more can be made to work almost every time you pull the trigger!

    Never did understand why folks love the AK platform for shotguns. The caveat "if you get it tuned" always enters the discussion and invariably involves a lot of money.

    I'll stick with something else.

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    • SpetsNazGRU SpetsNazGRU on Jan 04, 2016

      @TDog Most people don't get that Saiga-12s are not designed or meant to be ran with low brass and/or substandard loads. When used with Russian mags and regular (no "reduced recoil" crap) buck, slugs and high brass hunting loads , my S-12 had been perfectly reliable. The fact that it was 99% reliable with Federal 3 dr bulk target loads from Walmart was just a bonus.