Bullet Proof Paint Line-X

    Here is a not so scientific test, shooting a car door with a shotgun. I can’t quite tell what type of 12Ga round it is, but based on the lack of penetration to the door, I suspect it is bird shot. I am curious what Line-X will do against standard caliber rounds like 9mm, .40 S&W, .45acp. Why didn’t they try handgun or rifle rounds? They didn’t even try other shotgun ammo like buck shot or slugs.




    For those not familiar with the magic of Line-X here is a video showing how it makes objects unbreakable.


    Does this mean it will make an object bullet proof? I doubt it. Dropping things from a building or hitting them with a sledge hammer is not the same as a bullet. But I would love to test it to see what it can and can’t withstand.

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