First Video Previews of Ruger American Pistol Released

    The first photos of the new Ruger American pistol have been released, and now the first review and shooting videos are coming out on YouTube, as well.

    First, GunsAmerica released an unboxing/teaser video of the American:

    BurstReview has released a somewhat promotional-esque overview of the new handgun, including some of the stats and features that could make the gun more competitive than previous Ruger offerings:

    The above review is, so far as I know, the first major shooting review of the American pistol released to the public. BurstReview fired about 350 rounds through the gun, and was apparently pleased with the results. Notably, the reviewer commented that the gun’s “Medium” backstrap runs smaller than normal for most interchangeable backstrap, with the “Small” size being very small for those shooters such as women who made need a particularly small grip.

    824warrior released four shooting videos of the pistol shot from a first-person perspective:

    The Ruger American carries many features that have raised speculation about it being the company’s entry into the US Army’s Modular Handgun System program. Given the gun’s emphasis on a moderate price point, as well as its modular chassis construction, ambidextrous controls, and interchangeable backstraps, this seems fairly likely to me, however only time will tell.

    EDIT: DownrangeTV has a good overview, including embedded video, of the new pistol written by Ed Head, who’s been testing the pistol throughout its development.

    Nathaniel F

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